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EDU 610 U Human Relations: Multiculturalism 3.00 Online 4-30-18 through 6-22-2018
This course offers an in-depth approach to providing an understanding of cultural backgrounds and the influences of dehumanizing biases such as racism, sexism and classism on the lives of students. There is a specific focus on South Dakota standards for human understanding as delineated by the South Dakota Department of Education.
Online (TigerNet) $1,050.00
EDU 635 U American Indian History and Culture 3.00 Online May 7 - June 18, 2018
This course, designed for prospective and experienced teachers, introduces the concept and methodology of bicultural education and its relationship to American Indian education. Students will discuss a variety of skills and information necessary for success in working with culturally different children. The course is designed to meet the South Dakota certification requirement in American Indian studies.
Online (TigerNet) $1,050.00

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